Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Santa Cruz, California

Review - Complex installation of Mitsubishi HVAC system, Electrical & Solar Panels in Aptos, CA

Our customer shared their experience in working with us. Fuse has installed a new HVAC system, solar panels and electrical panel in their house. In this video the customer tells us:
🌟How do they assess the efficiency of the new HVAC system;
🌟How old was the previous HVAC system;
🌟Has the house become quieter after installing new equipment;
🌟Do they have any difficulties in operating the new HVAC system;
🌟How many days were required for the installation;
🌟How was the work of the company's estimator;
🌟What they liked most about the experience of working with our company in the installation of the HVAC system;
🌟Why they chose Fuse for the HVAC installation;
🌟What was the impression of the work of the company.