Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Santa Cruz, California

Bryant furnace installation with replacement in Aptos, California

installation and replacement
Our licensed technicians performed a Carrier HVAC system installation in Aptos, California. At first the customer called Fuse for the diagnostics because their heater stopped working. After the check up it was clear that the whole system started to fail and it would be best to replace it. Fuse specialists suggested a Bryant furnace.

During this project we served:
Furnace "Bryant " 821TA66110V21 Preferred 80 Series Variable-Speed Gas Furnace 2 STAGE
• Old furnace dismantling and haul away
• New furnace installation according to the building standards
• CO and smoke detectors check 
• 3 Years Warranty for labor
• Up to 10 Years Warranty for labor *

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this installation.